Payroll Setup and Support

Payroll Processing Services and Support

We understand how time-consuming and complicated it is when setting up your payroll. We know that this delicate procedure could either cost you thousands of dollars, hence why we offer our expertise to do just about that.

We’ll set up your payroll system as conveniently and user-friendly from the start, ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the process. We’ll be available to provide you with any support via our professional bookkeepers and CPAs.



You’ll now be able to have a simplified display of your payroll as we set you up with Quickbooks Online Payroll. You’ll be able to keep real-time data from your business account to your deposited employee accounts


Since your payroll is now automated online, this means that you can process from practically anywhere that has an internet connection. Employees also have real-time access to their information, pay-stubs and T4s through their online portal



With just a few clicks you can now automate your payroll to save you time and any CRA late trouble fees. In real-time, your employees are paid by direct deposit, CRA receives remittance on-time and you can continue focusing on scaling your business.


Gram, Your Partner in Payroll Processing Services

When it comes to doing and automating your payroll—we’re your partners. Our service proactively guides you in ensuring that your payroll is handled correctly. If you wish to have your questions answered, we are available by phone, email or Zoom. We also see to it that any administrative work is timely monitored and up to date.


We make sure that everything is assessed whenever new employees are added to your payroll system. It’s our responsibility that necessary information is collected, allowing each employee to be properly briefed and trained on where to find their pay-stubs and T4s.


We also will do the service of filing and guiding you when an employee quits or is laid off, ensuring that everything lines up and complies with employee standards.


Our service to personally look after all your T4 filings, thus saving you any mistakes or CRA troubles. All your employees now have real-time access to their T4s as it is electronically automated and sent to the CRA.


All records of employment are handled and we see that it is filed correctly. We help you to make progress with your business as smooth sailing as possible.


Payroll Processing Services From the Comfort of your Home

Why Choose Our Payroll Processing Services

We offer you an innovative and user-friendly way to file your personal or corporate income taxes via our cloud technology. Experience what it takes to get things done from the comfort of your home or office.