Accounting Systems Setup

Accounting Systems Setup

Looking for cloud accounting for small businesses like yours? When hiring us as your cloud based accounting services experts
we’ll have your accounting system created and streamlined to process your bookkeeping and accounting instantly. Our cloud-based accounting software will have all the data ready to be viewed and saved anywhere you wish to access it. We ensure our
remote accounting services are available for you when you need it the most.

If you wish to have your invoicing, track profitability or even run your payroll remotely and automated, we can help you with our
remote accounting services. We set you up with your very own cloud-based accounting system, allowing you to efficiently and
remotely access your bookkeeping and financial information. We’ll be available to provide technical support throughout the process as we train you to be familiarized with the system. Hire us, and receive the best cloud accounting services for your small business! 



We created a user-friendly bookkeeping process to help
you transact directly from your online banking. All receipts and data are electronically stored. You’ll never miss a tax deduction again! Even when you’re on the go you’ll be able
to access your accounting information using our cloud
based accounting services.



Bookkeeping has never been this easy when using our cloud accounting services. We now automate all processes in helping you get the most out of every piece of
information about your transactions. We’ll be with you every step of the way in showing how you could save hours on how you do your Bookkeeping using our cloud
accounting services for small businesses.



As your accounting system dictates how you’ll scale your business, we’ll be there to integrate this effective solution on different platforms such as Shopify inventory and payment
collections. We aim to set you up for success with our cloud accounting for small business services.



We offer you a chance to experience Xero’s accounting
software, helping you navigate your business easier. It is as
user-friendly as it can be. Access it from your phone or
other devices anywhere when using our remote accounting
services. We’ll help you stay on track and be up to date in
real-time, so you always know what your business is doing.



All your receipts are now electronically and securely stored
in Receipt Bank. A state-of-the-art innovation to answer all
your banking worries. Receipt Bank uses optical
recognition to help you access information from your
receipts securely. It is as simple as taking a photo or email
attachment and Receipt Bank will do the rest. Our cloud
accounting for small businesses services are always
available to you when you need the help!

Accounting Systems Support

Once everything has been set up after hiring us as your cloud
based accounting services experts. You may email, call or Zoom
call us for any support and guidance you’d need for your new
accounting system. Our professional team of experts is there to
help you make the most out of every cent. Working with Gram Tax
& Accounting you’ll see how important cloud accounting for small
businesses is for us, your business comes first!



We make sure that everything runs smoothly as you do
your bookkeeping from the beginning. Our cloud
accounting service would include a one-on-one training
session to guide you in setting up your new accounting



If you wish to reach us and ask questions, you may call us or send an email. Our cloud based accounting service and remote accounting service includes monthly monitoring to check if things are running smoothly. In the case that you have any urgent questions, we’ll provide you a direct line to our accounting software experts. Running a small business can be overwhelming, at Gram Tax & Accounting our job is to help make it less stressful when using our accounting services for small businesses like yours!


Ready to take your accounting to the next level?

Don’t miss out and experience for yourself how you could make the most out of your time and access any of your financial information with just a few clicks.